Alison F. Prince

Author of Young Adult Books

Be a GENUINE friend

on October 10, 2013

The first step is choosing true friends (link back to other post).  The next step is being a genuine friend yourself.  When your friends are on top, it’s easy to be around them.  But what about when they are down and out?  Maybe your best friend is depressed and isn’t acting herself lately.  Should you turn your back on her?  Absolutely not!  This is when she needs your the most!

In the novel, In Shadows of Magic, Mandy McKinney is the most popular girl in school.  She’s beautiful, athletic, and dating the most desirable guy in school.  But the truth is that she’s a witch, and that she has used her magic to achieve all of this.  Mandy always agonizes about if people like her, and does whatever she can to fit in.  Every day she wonders if her friendships are real, or if she has used her magic to bewitch everyone, including her hot boyfriend.  When one of Mandy’s “friends” turns against her, she worries that all of her friends will.

Mandy’s twin sister, Brianna, doesn’t fit in with the popular crowd.  She feels rejected by her own twin sister.  But she has lots of fun with her true friends.  Brianna has been best friends with Eva since pre-school, and they stand by each other through thick and thin.  Brianna doesn’t have to worry about appearances with her friends.  They can be goofy and have fun!

After choosing true friends, be a genuine friend to them!  Stand by them during tough times.  Stand up for your friends when others are plotting against them.  Even when everyone else turns against you, a genuine friend will be by your side!

Will Mandy’s friends and boyfriend turn against her during her hard times?  Will Brianna and Mandy reconcile, and realize that they are more the same than they are different?

Read In Shadows of Magic to find out!

Join witches Brianna and Mandy on their magical journey of self discovery in the new Young Adult Paranormal novel by Alison F. Prince, In Shadows of Magic.

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