Alison F. Prince

Author of Young Adult Books

Date Who YOU Want

on September 2, 2013

When you’re in high school, it always feels like a struggle between doing what YOU want and doing what others will think is cool.  If you don’t date the hottest guy, hang out with the coolest girls, and wear the trendiest clothes, your ranking in the social hierarchy can take a nosedive.  But when you’re really confident in yourself, you can do whatever YOU want.  You never worry about what anyone else thinks.  This includes who you choose to date.

Mandy McKinney is torn between two guys.  Chad has muscles, dimples, a gorgeous face, and superior athletic abilities.  Even though he can have any girl in school that he wants, he is completely in love with Mandy.  Mandy and Chad are the perfect power couple; beautiful, talented, and seemingly perfect for each other.

He’s everything that a girl could ever want, so why doesn’t Mandy feel completely satisfied?  And why does her nerdy guy friend keep intruding into her thoughts?  Logan Archer is too skinny.  He wears big clunky glasses.  He doesn’t hang around with any of the cool crowd.  He’s her science partner– nothing more.  So then why does she keep imagining what it would be like to kiss him?  Dating him wouldn’t be any good for her image.  All of her friends would laugh at her.  She could never give up gorgeous Chad for dorky Logan.  Or could she?

Find out who Mandy chooses in the my new YA paranormal novel In Shadows of Magic!

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